13D11N Focus on Scandinavia (6910)

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13D11N Focus on Scandinavia (6910)
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Vibrant cities, distinct cultures, and unspoiled landscapes … welcome on this Scandinavia affordable tour! You’ll visit the fascinating Nordic cities and scenic areas as well as some of its smaller and quaint towns. Overnight in Copenhagen, Frederikshavn, Oslo, the Telemark area, Bergen, the Fagernes area, Karlstad, and Stockholm. As you would expect from a Scandinavia tour, this tour features breathtaking scenery, Norway is known for its fjords—with their steep and majestic mountains and picturesque villages dotting the landscape. A highlight of this tour is a cruise on the Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. Take a ferry across the Hardangerfjord, the world’s fourth-largest fjord. Travel through Norway’s Telemark region with its lakes, winding valleys, and rugged gorges backed by towering mountains. Stop for photos at Steinsdalsfoss Waterfall, where visitors can walk behind the cascading waterfall without getting wet. Also enjoy a scenic drive along beautiful Lake Mjøsa. In Sweden, drive through the scenic Värmland, home to 10,000 lakes dotting the forested landscape. In Denmark, drive across the Great Belt Bridge, one of the world’s longest bridges, and take a ferry from Denmark to Sweden.


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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
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13D11N Focus on Scandinavia (6910)
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