14D12N Balkans with Greece (17867)

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14D12N Balkans with Greece (17867)
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Romania is most easily known for its famed Transylvania region. Second to that are the wonderfully preserved medieval spots like Sighisoara and fortresses like Bran Castles – which is usually associated with Dracula legend. Serbia has something for everyone, from lively urban attractions, to calm and peaceful towns and villages that dot the magnificent countryside. Aside from a wealth of cultural and historic relics to enjoy, there is also a swinging cafe and bar scene as well as throbbing nightlife and some of arguably the world’s best music festivals. Bosnia and Herzegovina has some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the world. City tour in: BUCHAREST, BELGRADE, Sarajevo, DUBROVNIK,Tirana, ATHENS Ticket admission: Bran Fortress in BRAN, Church of Biertan in BIERTAN, Castle of Hunedoara in HUNEDOARA, Tunnel of Hope in Sarajevo in Sarajevo, Kravice Waterfalls in KRAVICE, Franciscan Monastery and Cathedral in Dubrovnik in DUBROVNIK, Monastery in Meteora Valley in KalabakaFerry: Kotor Bay in KotorFunicular: Cable car ride in DUBROVNIK8 dinner included in: BUCHAREST,SIGHISOARA, Sarajevo, DUBROVNIK, DUBROVNIK, Tirana, Ohrid, Kalabaka


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14D12N Balkans with Greece (17867)
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