14D12N Greece, Italy, Switzerland & Paris (17876)
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14D12N Greece, Italy, Switzerland & Paris (17876)
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Greece is known for its fascinating history and natural beauty. The countless islands, ancient archaeological sites, sandy beaches, and a balmy Mediterranean climate make it one of Europe's prime tourist destinations. Italy riches in history, art , food, music, architecture, culture, sacred sites, charming villages, and stunning scenery are all around. You may enjoy amazing the Roman ruins of Pompeii, Rome, and Herculaneum, and on the other, can’t resist visiting Venice and Tuscany for their romantic appeal. Switzerland with enchanted castle or a first-class museum, gaze at breathtaking glaciers and stunning mountains, pass palm trees and grotti and so much more, will bring you an unforgettable memories! Paris is a picturesque dream destination. Its cityscape sparkles with iconic architecture of historical monuments and vintage palaces, art museums, cathedrals, expansive landscaped gardens, and stylish shopping hubs. City tour in: ATHENS, OLYMPIA, ROME, FLORENCE, VENICE & PARIS Boat: Vaporetto in Venice in VENICE, Trip along River Seine in Paris in PARIS Evening transfer to entertainment/shopping area: : Plaka neighborhood in Athens in ATHENS, Via Cavour in Rome in ROME, Latin Quarter of Paris in PARIS


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14D12N Greece, Italy, Switzerland & Paris (17876)
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