5D4N Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya, Ipoh & Damai Laut

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5D4N Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya, Ipoh & Damai Laut
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Kuala Lumpur, or simply KL as it’s known locally, is one of the most culturally diverse capital cities in Southeast Asia. Through the ages, people have settled here from all over Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, creating the vast mix of peoples, cultures, religions, traditions and foods that make up the city today. An eye-catching array of monumental architecture amid manicured greenery is on display in Putrajaya, covering 49 sq km of former rubber and oil-palm plantations, the federal government’s administrative hub (almost exclusively Muslim in population) was but a twinkle in the eye of its principal visionary. Ipoh, in the state of Perak, is one of the less explored cities in the region despite having a huge number of interesting attractions to offer visitors. Ipoh is known in Malaysia for its old town where you can discover a wealth of interesting history as well as its gorgeous street murals and museum.


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