6D4N Busan, Korea Experience
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6D4N Busan, Korea Experience
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From spectacular seaside beaches to historic temples that will literally have you rub your eyes in bewilderment, the San Francisco of South Korea is simplybeautiful. But there's more: hip breweries, hot springs, vintage shopping destinations that will add a spark to your closet and former slums transformed into achingly hip art districts... is this paradise? the city is by the water so expect top-notch seafood, alongside exotic ssiat hotteok (sweet pancake)and milmyeon (wheat noodles served in cold beef or chicken broth). Eating everything you see here is as much part of the experience as visiting the top sights and attractions.Busan has a rich cultural past and offers interesting cuisine, numerous temples, seaside activities, and a relatively warm and welcoming population. Best of all, Busan is relatively quiet compared to most South Korean cities, making it a good destination if you're in need of apeaceful getaway


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6D4N Busan, Korea Experience
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