8D6N Korea Seoul Nami Island & Jeju (DZR3)
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8D6N Korea Seoul Nami Island & Jeju (DZR3)
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World-class dining? Check. Museums and galleries? Check. A nightlife that never stops? Seoul the number one party city in the world, South Korea’s capital is a whirlwind of action, a high-energy hub of 10 million residents who fully embrace the work hard, play hard mentality.Nami Island,famous Korean drama “Winter Sonata”, you’ll already be familiar with this romantic destination. Truly magical and unique, Nami Island even declared its cultural independence from the Republic of Korea and called itself the Naminara Republic. One of the most special characteristics about this beautiful island is that it showcases a different, yet equally amazing, scenic experience each season.Jeju island is one of the most relaxing vacation spots found in Korea thanks to its unique local atmosphere and beautiful natural environment.The volcaniclava tubes that make up nearly 10% of the island’s area are a designated UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Manjanggul Cave,and Hallasan National Park are must-see sights. Additional attractions include forests, waterfalls, and volcanic cones.


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8D6N Korea Seoul Nami Island & Jeju (DZR3)
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