9D7N BEST OF SPAIN (18007)
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9D7N BEST OF SPAIN (18007)
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The grandeur of a caliph\'s palace, sybaritic sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches, the staccato stamp of a flamenco dancer\'s heels, the awed hush of pilgrims entering the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela after weeks of walking El Camino. You can find the soul of Spain in tourist attractions such as these, which represent the country\'s tumultuous history, rich culture, and enchanting natural beauty. Start in Madrid and end in Barcelona! With the discovery tour Classical Spain, you have a 9 day tour package taking you through Madrid, Spain and 9 other destinations in Spain. Classical Spain includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, insurance, meals, transport and more.


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9D7N BEST OF SPAIN (18007)
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