Kuala Lumpur & Kuala Selangor Sky Mirror Day Trip

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Kuala Lumpur & Kuala Selangor Sky Mirror Day Trip
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The Sky Mirror (スカイミラー, 天空之镜) , Kuala Selangor Beach is a unique tourist attraction that is only accessible to tourists twice a month, during the new moon and full moon periods. It is located 1.74 nautical miles off the coast of the fishing village of Jeram, Selangor, in the middle of the Straits of Malacca Sea. Most of the time, it is submerges underneath the sea, which make it uncharted on the world map.It is when the tide is ideal that this sand bar emerges, Malaysia’s own “Salar de Uyuni”. Kuala Selangor Beach is better known as “Mirror of the Sky “as the shallow waters of this “Secret Island” reflects the sky in all its going, thus creating many unique photography opportunities.The Island makes a perfect travel destination for your holiday, it is also a habitat for many marine agriculture. The most common are the sea and baby clam scattered abundantly in the sand.


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Kuala Lumpur & Kuala Selangor Sky Mirror Day Trip
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