11D9N Best of Scandinavia (28944)

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11D9N Best of Scandinavia (28944) Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland

Departures from 01 Apr 2024 - 30 Oct 2024 , Please download above itinerary to view dates etc information, for pricing and availability please contact us


Embark on a comfortable bus journey with an a local guide. The comprehensive package covers hassle-free return airport transfers for added convenience. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the Nordic region with city tours in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. Experience the breathtaking beauty of Sogner Fjord through a scenic boat excursion and explore the historic Borgund's church with included entrance fees. Traverse the stunning fjord coast of Norway with a ferry ride, connecting Denmark to Norway, and later continuing from Stockholm, Sweden to Turku, Finland. Ascend the picturesque Mount Floyen in Bergen via a charming funicular ride, adding a touch of adventure to your Nordic journey.


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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
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11D9N Best of Scandinavia (28944)
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