Benefits of Reliance Premier Travel Voucher:

  1. Travel voucher is valid for any Travel product offered by us i-e Air tickets, Hotels, Tour packages, Land Tours etc .
  2. All our package itinerary are listed on
  3. Travel voucher is valid for one year from the date of issuance
  4. No Headache of choosing Travel destination for your client as our Travel Voucher valid for any destination available
  5. Fix Voucher value set by your company’s budget.
  6. We can provide any amount of Voucher required in any denomination as per your request
  7. You can purchase our Travel voucher and let the winner choose whichever destination they prefer to book within the budget.

Our Clientele

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Your perfect Gift/Reward

Fix Package Prize
(Grand Prize)

* For Selected Destination or Special Theme

  • We have worked with few reputable brands in Malaysia to customize tour package based on their industry e.g 7D5N Korea K-POP & Beauty Experience for GUARDIAN PHARMACY for their contest 2019.
  • 4D3N MALDIVES, BALI and 5D3N DUBAI EXCLUSIVE SPA & BEAUTY package for Guardian Pharmacy for 2019.
  • LEXIS HIBISCUS 3D2N , 4D3N Phuket for WANA MOTORS 2019.
  • 3D2N or 4D3N CRUISE Package for Kara Marketing.
  • We can offer customized fix package based on client’s budget and specific requirements.


No minimum

Flight, Tours, Hotels as per our system availability 3. Will it be for local and international trip? Can redeem for Local oroverseas

One year from date of issuance

Please refer to voucher sample

Payment by cheque or bank transfer only

Once confirm, we will email you invoice for payment. Once payment received we will deliver Original Voucher to your office within 3-5 days.

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