4D3N Jakarta, Puncak & Bandung Full Board

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4D3N Jakarta, Puncak & Bandung Full Board
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Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta is a huge, sprawling metropolis, home to over 10 million people with diverse ethnic group backgrounds from all over Indonesia. Puncak, a mountain resort area about 100 kilometres south of Jakarta, is a cool retreat offering fresh air and spectacular views. White crater, a place so iconic in Bandung is also required to be visited. This lake is created from the eruption of Mount Patuha. The water is murky white and there is white sand also around the lake. The growing plants are also quite different and look a bit mollified, adding the mystical impression which makes it comes from another world.


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4D3N Jakarta, Puncak & Bandung Full Board
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