8D6N Eastern Europe Highlights (28765)
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8D6N Eastern Europe Highlights (28765)
Guarantee departures available from 01 Jan 2024 -31 MAR 2025. Please contacts us for pricing information


Basking in the glory of natural beauty, Austria is one of the most prominent attractions of central Europe. Rooted in its deep imperial culture, the country offers much more beyond the scenic beauty including neo-classical architecture, the craze for music, popular cafes, and the thrill of sports like skiing. Hungary has a fascinating history and the country is full of rich and varied cultural traditions. With a mixture of natural, historical and cultural sites to visit, tourists are certain to be able to find something to peak their interest! Czech Republic is a destination straight out of fairy tales. With an array of picturesque historic cities, world-class architecture, romantic castles and charming natural wonders, this Central European country should definitely be on every travel list.


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8D6N Eastern Europe Highlights (28765)
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