9D7N Prague, Munich, Vienna & Budapest (28775)
Eastern Europe

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9D7N Prague, Munich, Vienna & Budapest (28775)
Guarantee departures available from 01 JAN 2024- 31 Mar 2025, Please download above itinerary for details, pricing please contact us


Embark on a captivating journey facilitated by comfortable bus travel, guided by a knowledgeable local expert. Your adventure encompasses a spectrum of experiences across three enchanting cities: Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. **Inclusions:** 1. **Seamless Return Airport Transfer:** - Begin your trip stress-free with a smooth transfer to and from the airport. 2. **City Tours:** - *Prague, Vienna, Budapest:* Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural tapestry of each city through comprehensive city tours. 3. **Entrance Fees:** - *Prague Castle:* Explore the iconic Prague Castle, a historical masterpiece. - *Swarovski Crystal Museum:* Witness the brilliance of crystal artistry at the renowned Swarovski Crystal Museum. 4. **Evening Excursions to Shopping/Entertainment Districts:** - *Prague:* Unwind at the bustling Old Town Square, immersed in its vibrant atmosphere. - *Vienna:* Discover the charm of the Grinzing district, known for its quaint allure. 5. **Funicular Cable Car Adventure - Steinplatte:** - Ascend to the heights of Steinplatte in style, enjoying panoramic vistas and a unique cable car experience. 6. **Boat/River Cruises:** - *Prague - Vltava River:* Sail along the Vltava River, indulging in picturesque views of Prague. - *Traunkirchen - Traunsee Lake:* Experience the serene beauty of Traunsee lake in Traunkirchen. - *Budapest - Danube River:* Cruise the majestic Danube River, witnessing the beauty of Budapest from a unique perspective. Embark on this remarkable journey, where every moment is curated for an immersive and unforgettable experience.


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9D7N Prague, Munich, Vienna & Budapest (28775)
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