15D13N Turkey & Greece
Middle East, Southern Europe

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15D13N Turkey & Greece
Guarantee Departures from 01 Apr 2024 till 31 Mar 2025 , Please download above itinerary to view dates etc information, for pricing and availability please contact us


Embark on a comprehensive journey facilitated by bus travel with an expert local guide. This adventure encompasses arrival and departure transfers, ensuring seamless transitions throughout your trip. Explore the vibrant cities of Athens, Rhodes, and Istanbul through engaging city tours, offering insights into their rich history and culture. Take to the water with boat excursions to explore the ancient Lycian tombs in Dalyan and enjoy a captivating tour of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Experience the charm of each destination in the evenings with transfers to the lively Plaka neighborhood in Athens and the bustling Taksim Square in Istanbul. Immerse yourself in history with admissions to iconic archaeological sites such as Olympia, Mycenae, and the Acrocorinth Fortress. Delve into ancient wonders like the Roman theatre in Aspendos, the Greek Temple of Apollo in Side, and the Gumusler Monastery. Explore underground cities, cave systems, and traditional landmarks, including a visit to the Suleiman the Great Mosque in Istanbul. Travel seamlessly between destinations with ferry crossings from Athens to Rhodes and Rhodes to Marmaris. Indulge in culinary delights with six included dinners at select locations, offering a taste of local cuisine and culture. From the ancient ruins of Greece to the vibrant markets of Turkey, this journey promises an unforgettable exploration of the Mediterranean and beyond.


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