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6D5N Taiwan with Farmstay
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The polarities of Taipei are vividly present as well in the joining of the urban and natural. Just a few minutes from the heart of the city you can soakaway the cares of the world in mineral - rich hot springs nestled in the lush mountain foothills ringing the Taipei Basin. And throughout the city there are plenty of trails, parks and other oases of tranquility to lift and invigorate your spirits.Taichung welcomes visitors with a pleasant climate throughout the year. The city first rose as a major political, economic, transportation, and cultural hub duringthe Japanese occupation period, due highway, railway and shipping port development during that time.The attractiveness of Taichung originates in its abundant ecosystems, the ancient glamour of history, and incredible arts and literature. While endeavoring to achieve modernization as well as remember thepast, Taichung strives to meet the international standards to be globally well-known as well. Experience Farmstay, catch your own dinner, harvest your own veggies or maybe even sheer a sheep for an interactive holiday experience.


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