Canada & Alaska Cruise 06 Packages
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Canada & Alaska Cruise 06 Packages

Departures from 01 Apr 2024 - 30 Oct 2024 , Please download above itinerary to view dates etc information, for pricing and availability please contact us


1) 21D19N Majestic Canadian Rockies & Alaska:

   - Duration: 21 days and 19 nights

   - Highlights: Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Glacier National Park, Yoho National Park, and Alaska.

   - Activities: Explore valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, rivers, meadows, and abundant wildlife. The tour likely includes a mix of outdoor activities, scenic drives, and possibly wildlife viewing opportunities.

2) 15D12N Western Canada With Inside Passage:

   - Duration: 15 days and 12 nights

   - Highlights: Western Canada and the scenic Inside Passage.

   - Activities: This package may cover Banff and Jasper National Parks, offering a combination of mountainous landscapes and coastal beauty along the Inside Passage. Possible activities might include cruising through the Inside Passage, exploring national parks, and enjoying the unique coastal environment.

3) 20D17N Rail & The Canadian Rockies With Alaska Cruise:

   - Duration: 20 days and 17 nights

   - Highlights: The Canadian Rockies, Rail journey, and an Alaska Cruise.

   - Activities: Experience the scenic beauty of the Canadian Rockies via rail, explore national parks, and then embark on an Alaska Cruise. This package provides a diverse combination of rail travel, mountain landscapes, and coastal adventures.

4) 11D9N Western Canada By Rail:

   - Duration: 11 days and 9 nights

   - Highlights: Western Canada with an emphasis on rail travel.

   - Activities: Explore the Canadian Rockies through rail journeys, taking in the breathtaking scenery. This package might offer a more focused experience on the landscapes accessible by train.

5) 14D12N Canadian Rockies:

   - Duration: 14 days and 12 nights

   - Highlights: Canadian Rockies.

   - Activities: This package may provide an in-depth exploration of the Canadian Rockies, including Banff, Jasper, Glacier, and Yoho National Parks. Activities could include hiking, sightseeing, and wildlife encounters in these stunning mountain environments.

6) 11D9N Heart of the Canadian Rockies:

   - Duration: 11 days and 9 nights

   - Highlights: Heart of the Canadian Rockies.

   - Activities: This package likely focuses on key attractions within the Canadian Rockies, allowing for a more concentrated exploration of the region. Activities could include visits to iconic sites, scenic drives, and nature experiences.

Each package offers a unique combination of destinations and activities, catering to different preferences and time constraints. Depending on your interests and the duration you prefer, you can choose the package that best suits your travel goals.


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